VR Thumbnails Menu plugin for Krpano

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A plugin to build a thumbnails menu in VR mode.

  • Choose to display the groups first and then the group's scenes Thumbnails or display directly all the scenes.
  • If you choosed to display the groups, choose to display the group's scenes first or the groups.
  • If you choosed to display the groups, choose the number of rows for the group menu (maximum 7 thumbnails by row)
  • You can choose to display arrows to load previous and next scene
  • You can choose to display the menu icon at any vertical value ( -45 = on the floor / +45 = in the sky)
  • Your can choose the number of rows for the scenes menu (maximum 12 thumbnails by row)
  • Choose the vertical space between the thumbnails
  • Choose the time before clicking when overing the play button
  • Choose to add or not a "Seen" icon on the scene's thumbnail already visited
  • Choose to drop the menu from the top or the bottom of the screen


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Minimum version
1.19 pr13
Works in VR mode

VR Thumbnails Menu plugin for Krpano

0 ratings
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